In Memory Of Dallas McCarver

On August 22, 2017 I lost a good friend of mine. The world lost a shining star of potential, kindness and positivity.
Dallas McCarver was one of the kindest human beings I have ever met.
I still remember the day I first met Dallas.
I spent 2016 working almost exclusively with Flex Lewis as he was preparing to make his 5th consecutive Mr. Olympia 212 title run.

Working with Flex was a blast because it was a constant stream of new ideas and being introduced to new fun people. All from different walks of life. Then one day while I was in the office I hear someone walk into the warehouse. A big booming laugh followed and I thought to myself “Who’s this loud motherfucker that just walked in?” So I walked up to the window in my office, overlooking the gym floor, and all I see is a giant fucking monster of a person. Now I have been around some of the biggest MMA fighters in the world both size wise and personality wise but even I was taken aback thinking to myself “Thats a big motherfucker”.
Flex then told me to come down and introduced me to Dallas and right off the bat we began just talking shit back and forth, joking around.
At that point I knew nothing about Dallas as a person or an athlete but I could tell he was different than the other bodybuilders I had met through Flex.
He was confident but humble. Laid back but focused.
Now I have been around a lot of celebrities in my life. I have worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry and I always made it a point to never do anything that could be misconstrued as trying to use people for their popularity. Quite honestly I don’t really care who you are and what you have done. I just want to know if you are good person. More than any other industry I have been a part of, bodybuilding is filled with leeches. Self centered, ogomaniacal nobodies willing to do and say whatever to gain some kind of notoriety.Whether it’s the low life Instagram whore to the owner of a supplement company. Sometimes the guys are bigger groupies than the girls.
Constantly trying to position themselves in a spot where they can be seen alongside a big name.

Because of this, I made a point to never take a photo that wasn’t for work. I made sure to never ask for a photo with Dallas or any other athlete that walked in to the door or that we hung out with while on the road. Why? because he was constantly pulled from all sides by people that wanted a piece of him.
I wanted nothing to do with that.
The more Dallas would come in to train the more we got to know each other.
Very seldom did we talk about bodybuilding. Conversations were always about fighting or crazy dating stories we both had. He definitely had me beat on crazy shit haha. I would always fuck with him and catch him between his sets of insane weight and tell him “Hey if you want me to show you how to do that exercise let me know” or “Damn Dallas you are getting small man.” It was always funny to see him just cracking up, shit talk back and forth then back to work.

The more we hung out the more we would let each other in to each others world. All I can say is that dropping in to Dallas’ world was not easy to hear. The childhood stories of things he had to deal with. The people he had to deal with and struggles he survived. He was a fighter in every sense of the word. A good soul placed in a shitty world of shitty people and he came through on top.
He was very aware of his place in the world and the real intentions of people around him. No matter what the situation he was always respectful always mindful of turning the other cheek and being a positive person.
No matter how focused he was on his goal he would always take the time out to sit down with anyone that came up. He could be cutting weight, dehydrated, hungry, exhausted but he NEVER would turn anyone away or not give a smile.

Dallas took a lot of shit from the internet trolls, people would try and set him up to bring down his star but he never let it get him down. I wish I could really say some of the things that I witnessed in my short time around Dallas. I wish I could call out some of the power players that tried to sabotage this boulder of positivity and let them know they never got to him. I knew deep inside Dallas was going to be not only one of the greatest athletes of all time in the sport of bodybuilding but a real star. Someone that could have made an even bigger impact on people outside of the fitness industry.
I learned a lot from Dallas about living life. About being strong mentally more than physically. Most of all I learned about letting people know that you are thinking about them and that you care.
Sunday evening on August 20th I actually thought about Dallas. I thought to myself that it had been a while since we had spoken because I had been so busy working and just being caught up in the rat race. The last I spoke to Dallas we talked about the plans he had. I was glad to see how happy he was being with his new girlfriend Ashley. The plans he had about taking the time away from competing in bodybuilding and just focusing on his health.
The plans he had for his career short term and long term. I was excited to see him reach his full potential.
Unfortunately the universe had other plans.
It hurt when I read the news. It took a while to set in. I scrambled to call anyone I knew who might be able to tell me that it was just a hoax. Some shitty troll by the internet. Thats not what I got. a couple of hours after I got the news I broke down. I shut off. I didn’t know how to handle it. I somehow blame myself for not being there to help. I know it’s not my fault. It’s not anyones fault. I wish I could have talked to him one last time. Make some more crude jokes and tell him that one day I’ll teach him how to really lift heavy shit.
I know that Dallas could have done some amazing things and made an impact on the world. I know he had so many personal goals he wanted to achieve. I also know the universe had other plans for him. Maybe he finally achieved what he was put on earth to do. He made us smile. He made us realize shit could always be worse but as long as your friends are there then you are living life. To me he taught me that just because you are surrounded by evil people you do not have to play their game to succeed. Most of all he taught me to let people know that you care about them. Never wait. Do it now.
I miss you Dallas. I wish I had another chance to talk with you and joke around.
I know wherever you are you already making people smile and trying to find something fun to do.
I will never forget you.

Part of me feels bad, the other part doesn’t

So I try to start off every day with a good laugh. My morning routine involves a cup of coffee and funny videos from either World Star Hip Hop or Ebaumsworld. Fridays I add some Fail Army.

It let’s me get a nice view at possible trends that I don’t plan on being a part of, current world events of stupidity and sometimes a good ol white trash fight that is more funny than it is violent.

However today was a bit unique because it involved a special highlight of this guy just looking to live out his supposed life-long dream to be on the game show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” Which has always seemed to me more like a title for a physical activity game show a-la Fear Factor.

Nope! It’s just a good old fashioned trivia show with a spin of letting people contact a family member or talk to the audience. Which is genius considering if you watch these shows you are most likely yelling at the screen that the person is a dumb-dumb.

Anyway, this video popped up today and even though the game show is years passed it’s prime, it still provides a good dose of a cup of humble pie to it’s contestants. Now far be it for me to kick a person when he is down but I’ll be damned if it’s not funny as fuck. Confidence is key but karma will always text you to chill out bro.

In his defense, this guy probably spent more time studying for med school to be a doctor than he did eating balls at IKEA.

Don’t worry bro, you are going to make more money your first year as a doctor than I will make in the next ten years so you still get the last laugh. In the meantime BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA