Part of me feels bad, the other part doesn’t

So I try to start off every day with a good laugh. My morning routine involves a cup of coffee and funny videos from either World Star Hip Hop or Ebaumsworld. Fridays I add some Fail Army.

It let’s me get a nice view at possible trends that I don’t plan on being a part of, current world events of stupidity and sometimes a good ol white trash fight that is more funny than it is violent.

However today was a bit unique because it involved a special highlight of this guy just looking to live out his supposed life-long dream to be on the game show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” Which has always seemed to me more like a title for a physical activity game show a-la Fear Factor.

Nope! It’s just a good old fashioned trivia show with a spin of letting people contact a family member or talk to the audience. Which is genius considering if you watch these shows you are most likely yelling at the screen that the person is a dumb-dumb.

Anyway, this video popped up today and even though the game show is years passed it’s prime, it still provides a good dose of a cup of humble pie to it’s contestants. Now far be it for me to kick a person when he is down but I’ll be damned if it’s not funny as fuck. Confidence is key but karma will always text you to chill out bro.

In his defense, this guy probably spent more time studying for med school to be a doctor than he did eating balls at IKEA.

Don’t worry bro, you are going to make more money your first year as a doctor than I will make in the next ten years so you still get the last laugh. In the meantime BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA