Marlboro Ranch

A few years ago I was somehow lucky enough to win a trip to the Marlboro Ranch in Montana.

I technically had won a trip during the winter season but later received a note saying that the trip had to be pushed back because too many people had been booked for the winter. I later came to piece together that it seems corporate probably decided to have a winter party so it took up the time I would have been there. Didn’t phase me any though because I am NOT a fan of the cold lol.

I never win anything so I was insanely ecstatic to the idea of going on an all expenses paid trip.

I expected a fun time but what I experienced was by far one of the greatest adventures of my life. Those that know me, know that “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” is one of my top 5 favorite movies so deep down inside I have always wanted to be a cowboy. Movies like “The Magnificent Seven” were a monthly staple in my house.

I could go on for hours describing every little thing that happened but I will sum up my joy in to one small bit…

As we drove up to the ranch I noticed the giant Jurassic Park like gate with the name “Crazy Mountain Ranch” posted in bold metal lettering above the top post. The gate raised up and I noticed our host for the ride popping a cd into the stereo system and hitting play. Suddenly a very familiar song begins to blast through the speakers. The main theme to “The Magnificent Seven” as I laughed to myself I turned to look out the window when I noticed two cow girls on horseback gliding into view from behind a hill. One cracking a bullwhip in the air. I suddenly realized I was crying. I was so fucking happy that I started to cry, It was as if I was in a childhood dream, wide awake and lucid.

All I can say is that this part alone is enough for me to thank Marlboro for the experience.

I had a chance to explore the most beautiful landscape I have ever witnessed. All while making amazing new friends and even picking up a new hobby.

I would tell you to go to the website and tell you to sign up for the contest but that would add more competition of me possibly winning again. So don’t do it. Do not sign up for a chance to have fun in Montana on the Marlboro Ranch for an all expenses paid trip.

Check out some of the pictures below.

Marlboro-Ranch-Crazy-Mountain-Ranch Marlboro-ranch-horseback Marlboro-Ranch-Off-road