I am a Sushi Chef

Not really but I feel like it thanks to this gi by Tatami.

The signature Mike Fowler gi by Tatami has been in my scopes ever since I saw an Instagram post by Jiu-jitsu practitioner and bad ass artist Meerkatsu.

I am not a fan of really fancy gis but I completely fell in love with this one and after months and months of waiting and randomly posting on Tatami’s social media it finally went up for sale.

Tatami Mike Fowler GiI definitely have been getting some crap from my team mates but don’t be mistaken. Every single last one comes up to me after and complement me on the quality and the details.

I’ll be honest my second gi ever was a Tatami and i completely hated it. It shrunk so bad and the fabric started to feel like sandpaper. That is not the case with this gi. Yes it did shrink considerably and Tatami made that very clear in our correspondence so I purchased a slightly larger size.

The fabric is incredibly comfortable and soft. It breathes well. The collar is sublimated so you don’t have to worry about any kind of stitching falling off or irritating your neck. Well as it won’t irritate you any more than any other collar choke would lol.

I love this gi and I am really, really close to purchasing another one just in case.