Grounders Soap

OK before I even get started on this review, stop what you are doing and go to Grounder’s Soap and buy a few bars of soap. Trust me, every second you are living without this soap is a second that you aren’t treating yourself right. I have never been a fan of the idea of artisan soap but this is worth it.
Ok now let me get into whats going down.
Since I started Jiu-jitsu I have always wondered of the validity of the products from companies like Fight Soap and Defense Soap. We all know that the biggest fear in jiu-jitsu outside of injury is ring worm and staph infections. None of those of which, are joking matters. Luckily I have never had to worry about using anything other than regular soap. Of course the deeper you get into jiu-jitsu the more and more you begin to become aware of every single chemical you put on or into your body. Even the soap you use to wash your gis become something you pay attention to. I have heard many stories of people changing detergents because of rashes caused from the soap residue. I myself can’t use certain soaps because of how they dry out my luscious olive skin.
kurt angle
So since my experience with these soaps is non-existent I decided to ask my friends on social media as to who their favorite company was. After a short amount of time, Grounder’s Soap contacted me and told me they would be happy to send me a couple of bars for review. Which was extremely awesome because I have been a fan of their marketing for a long time now. Their photography and simple marketing are super cool. Ver minimal. No need to throw naked chicks in my face. Just simple ingredients and straight forward marketing.
The samples I received included a bar of Charcoal (detox) soap, 2 bars of Sandalwood, Eucalyptus/ Hemp, Peppermint.
All the bars contain anti-fungal ingredients that are great for post training to avoid any type skin issues and rashes but the most beneficial for post training would have to be the detox and the eucalyptus bars. I really like the detox bar because it leaves my skin very soft and none of the bars leave my skin feeling dry. If you scroll through the pictures in the slider you can see the ingredients in each individual bar.
The Sandalwood bars are more for the men as it leaves your skin with a nice soft musk reminiscent of your days back in the lumberyard. If thats what you tell people is the reason for your awesome man beard.
The Eucalyptus / Hemp bar can be a little bit rougher on the skin due to the small chunks of the eucalyptus branches that are in the product themselves. You don’t have to worry about randomly scratching your skin or anything. The grittiness of the ingredients will actually help you scrub off any grime on your skin.
The Peppermint bar is very very strong. When the package arrived I could smell the mint through two USPS bags and a sealed cardboard box. So if you want something to remind you of the holidays this is it. The mint leave a slight cool feeling on your skin and definitely will open up your sinuses.
The Detox bar might throw you off a bit. There is no scent to it and when in use you will see a dark sheen sliding off your kin as if you haven’t showered in 2 weeks. Rest assured it’s not you (I hope) but the soap slowly dissolving and cleaning your skin. This bar definitely stands out for me as far as the results. Compared to the other bars it will leave your skin slightly softer and less oily.
I did not even finish a single bar before I went straight to the Grounder’s Soap website and ordered 6 more bars. Which leads me to my next great point about the Grounder’s Soap company, their customer service is AMAZING. When I made my order the very first thing I added to my cart was the açaí bar. Unfortunately, they ran out. However I received a lovely little note with my package that stated that there was no more Orange Hibiscus bars when I placed my order so they threw in bars of “Orange Mint” that are not currently available for purchases. So I literally got a bar before anyone else.
Orange Mint Grounder's Soap
Most companies would end up giving you “store credit” but they gave me a head start over anyone else on checking out a new product and I love them for it. Will definitely be posting up my notes on that bar later on. For right now I still have a few bars to go through before I dig into that one.
OK before I even get started on this review, stop what you are doing and go to Grounder’s Soap and just buy some soap. Trust me, every second you are living without this soap is a second that you aren’t treating yourself right.
Side note: The açaí smells so fucking good! I think I found my new favorite bar of soap.
In my opinion, Grounder’s Soap is an amazing product with an extremely awesome group of people behind it. Not only is the company full of amazing people but their customer service is top notch and they aren’t worried about competing and trash talking their competition. They put out a good product and let that speak for itself.
Thank you to Grounder’s Soap for letting me test out and review their soaps. Each bar is worth every single penny. They smell great and leave your skin feeling soft while making sure you don’t get any disgusting ring work and remove any unwanted smells from training.
I even picked up a patch to put on my gi. I may not be sponsored by them but I will definitely be letting people know why I smell so good as I walk on the mat in my sexy new GI.
Head over to and let them know I sent you.
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