Break Point FC Gi – Built To Submit Gi Review

I was recently fortunate enough to be contacted by Break Point FC to do a review of their “Built To Submit Deluxe” gi. I was pretty excited considering that I have never had a chance to try on one of their kimonos. After a small back and forth with one of their reps we decided on going with an A3. At my size, 6’4″ 205 lbs, I have a tough time getting the right fitting gi. Even worse when a gi shrinks as you will see in my other reviews.

Once the gi arrived I was extremely surprised at the level of quality of the gi.
Just holding it you can tell the weave is solid and surprisingly light. The stitching through out is a mixture of double and triple stitching making this extremely reliable at the seams.
The first thing that I noticed was the large patches throughout the gi. Normally I am not a fan of a lot of patches on gis especially not ones this big but after a while it really started to grow on me to the point where I feel that they really compliment the theme of the gi rather well.

The patches themselves are rather thick and stiff at first but after a few minutes rolling they softened up and I noticed that they are placed in locations that are not noticeable during a roll. One of the coolest features of this gi is that it comes with 2 pairs of matching gi pants. One made from a soft cotton and one rip stop. I became a fan of rip stop pants after purchasing my first Scramble gi. Ripstop has a lot less shrink than the average canvas pants and is a lot lighter than canvas. The downside is that the fabric feels a little rougher to the skin for some but I say toughen up and wear the rip stop. It’s lighter, it breathes better and it definitely lasts a lot longer in my opinion.

Speaking of shrinkage, the BTS gi comes 97% pre-shrunk so you don’t have to worry too much about compensating sizing for fit. The numbers in their size chart pretty much stay true through out washes. One of my biggest struggles in sizing is I have to get a gi that might be too big at the torso because it has the arm length I need. That being said, the canvas pants shrunk quite considerably after 3 washes compared to the ripstop. The gi itself also shrunk a bit but not to an extent that would be noticeable or hindering. Basically the last 3% left in the gi. Trust me I somehow manage to shrink gis just by hang drying as you can see from the photos. This gi is staying at this size.

That being said the gi comes with an instructional sheet on how to care for the gi including washing instructions and tips on how to lock the color in using white vinegar. So if you are not too sure on how to wash a gi this will definitely help.

Both pants come with a canvas cord instead of rope which I think is the only gap in this entire gi. A yellow cord would be perfect with this gi but honestly thats just me being super picky.

The interior sleeve tape features the same break point logo on a yellow background as seen on the outside of the jacket. It definitely gives it a subtle flair.

The lapel is a very soft and slightly thick foam. Unlike most gis the lapel isn’t stiff out of the bag making very malleable when using it for chokes on opponents and comfortable even before the first wash.

Recently, Break Point FC has gone through quite the image overhaul as well as a brand new website and I am totally digging it. Their customer service was top notch and I am definitely looking forward to picking up some more gear from them.

The BTS Kimono retails for $159.95 USD and it is worth every penny and then some.

There are some amazing gis on sale on the website right now so don’t hesitate!

Go check out the Break Point FC website and pick up one of their gis. They got a lot of different styles to choose from in both Men and Women.

Before wash:


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After wash:

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